How to use acclenz™ blemish solutions

With the full range of acclenz™ products you’ve got everything you need to start tackling your spots and blemishes. You don’t even need to use all of the products every day.


Use acclenz™ Purify & Renew Foaming Cleanser first before applying other products. You don’t need to cleanse more than twice a day, as this may over-strip the skin.

 Apply acclenz™ Oil Control Day Cream first as the perfect base for makeup or on its own. The mattifying properties of this product help keep oil and shine to a minimum throughout the day.

You are now ready to apply acclenz™ Deep Action Blemish Serum. This serum reduces existing spots and prevents new spots from forming. The concentrated slow-release salicylic acid keeps working throughout the day.

If you have active inflamed spots, whiteheads or blackheads you can apply the acclenz™ Advanced Action Spot Gel directly to the spots to reduce the appearance of blemishes as the final step to your routine. Repeat application as needed, the spot gel works with other products or alone to calm inflammation and redness.


Wash off accumulated dirt, oil and makeup by using acclenz™ Purify & Renew Foaming Cleanser once more.

Repeat the morning routine using the Oil Control Day Cream and Deep Action Blemish Serum, finishing with the Advanced Action Spot Gel if needed.

It’s as easy as that.


The acclenz™ Deep Down Clearing Mask also only needs to be applied twice weekly. If you apply after polishing the skin, the anti-microbial ingredients and botanical anti-oxidants can work efficiently to further treat those trouble spots.

Acclenz™ feels luxurious, smells great and is parabens-free. Start your acclenz™ daily routine today.